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The World Healthy Living Foundation was established on 30th December 2015 at the initiative of Bartosz Królikowski, Piotr Pacyga, Norbert Janeczek and Łukasz Godyń. The main vision of the Founders was to create an organisation that would actively promote actions for improving health of the society, popularising active lifestyle and change of the surrounding reality for favourable to people who fight for their dreams, smile and health.

The name of the Foundation is to remind that our life is our own responsibility. To live counsciously is to take care of comprehensive development and physical and mental activity that has an influence on our future and present life.

The Foundation conducts also chargeable forms of activities, trainings, conferences. It organises chargeable events and parties. The profits from the activities are used by the Foundation to co - finance statutory activities.

The Foundation mostly susbists from support of sponsors and work of volunteers. The Foundation gathers many followers from the world of science, sport, business and culture, as a result of which it may conduct a comprehensive activity in order to popularise conscious life.

Main goals
  • Promoting active lifestyle, including people at the age 55+
  • Promoting family and pro-health behaviour
  • Creating conditions for comprehensive development of people
  • Help young people to aim at adult and healthy life so that in the future they could transfer Foundation visions to the next generation.
  • Convincing citizens to take care of their physical and mental health
  • Improving life quality, both health, social and economic
  • Strenghtening conviction that the quality of our life depends on us
Foundation activities:
  • I Live Consciously. Public service campaign
  • Conducting conferences, conventions and symposiums
  • Conducting trainings and educational events
  • Supporting events promoting health

During the events organised within Poland we provide support to such initatives as: Krewniacy - European Foundation of Volounteer Blood Donor, Częstochowa Amazon Association, or Jesteśmy blisko Foundation (We are near)

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