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Who is behind all this?

Meet the foundation team

Our Team


Norbert Janeczek

President of the World Healthy Living Foundation

A true enthusiast of a healthy and conscious lifestyle. It was he who initiated the creation of the National (now European) Social Campaign "I Live my Life Consciously" which is developing at an amazing pace. He is also the creator of the business model called "softmarketing", which is characterized by putting a man in the center. In his actions he is always guided by the good of others, and when undertaking life challenges, he always puts on health, development and ethics. A man with a strong and inspiring personality, encouraging smile and optimism, an excellent discussion partner and listener of human hearts.


Paulina Janusz

Director of the World Healthy Living Foundation

Economist, passionate about psychology and interpersonal relations. Over 10 years ago, seeking solutions for a loved one, she met with the definition of a holistic approach to man for the first time . This information started a search and gave birth to a passion for a broadly understood healthy lifestyle. This passion continues to this day and instead of dying out, it is becoming stronger with each passing moment. He loves to express himself through dance, painting and cooking. Particular attention is paid to personal development, which is an integral part of her life. She deeply believes that nothing is impossible - it will come as soon as openness and readiness to accept them arise.


Karolina Trzeciak

Coordinator for the "I Live My Life Consciously" social campaign

Biology and nature enthusiast from an early age. This was reflected in her education because she holds a PhD in biological sciences. She finds it very lucky that her relationship with the WHLF Foundation is not only work, but also her passion and sincerely believes that implementing the elements of the 5S strategy has a real impact on the life and health of everyone, including her and her loved ones. Personally, she loves to spend time actively, including practicing interesting, original sports such as skiing, climbing and swimming.


Katarzyna Nurkowicz

Administration Specialist

If you need to do something - she will definitely do it, quickly and without errors. By nature, she is job-oriented and it does not matter to her whether the matter to be dealt with is big or small, what counts is a good final result. She is the definition of a person you can rely on. Taught by experience, she has changed her attitude towards life and food a lot. Today, she lives in harmony with nature every day. She loves dancing and trying new flavors in the kitchen, looking for crazy connections in her. She adheres to the philosophy that a day without a smile is a lost day for her.


Aleksandra Kowalska

Copywriter, author of the texts

She considers the incredible power of words that can fully express such a complex being as thought. Writing is her greatest passion, and linguistics and communication - the path of education. She believes that human health begins with a head because only a healthy mind can benefit from the potential of a healthy body. She sees the belief that "to do something, you need to be good at it" as overrated and in the spirit of this thought in her spare time she deals with all sorts of: origami, embroidery, plant breeding and playing the ukulele, and gardening and ceramics are waiting in line. Not only the effect should please, but the whole path to it - and this philosophy applies to both small projects and the biggest - life.


Alla Asatryan

Product Owner

Nowadays, if you are not online, you do not exist. Our site appears in its current form, among others thanks to Alla, her experience and valuable advice. In her free time, Alla is interested in art in the widest sense of the word - photography, music, fashion, and videography - these are just some of her passions that could be exchanged much longer. Alla is also faithful to the 5S strategy, she loves healthy cuisine and does sports - fitness, bike, volleyball or badminton are the best choice for her to spend time. He constantly trains his mind, not only on professional development, but also on learning many new languages. Currently, the Korean language is in her crosshairs, which will certainly be useful during the longed-for trip to Asia.


Valentyn Yakunchykhin

Chief programmer of PHP

We can say that this member of our team is extremely lucky, because programming is not only a job for him, but also a great passion. No, even the most intricate codes can not keep secrets from him - he will easily solve every error and create miracles with a few lines. Valentyn, however, does not leave his life and all his passions only in cyberspace. In his free time he loves to travel to distant countries, meet new groups of people and delve into the secret of many cultures.


Joanna Kolibaj

Graphic Designer

Gifted with great talent, she provides invaluable support for the Foundation, creating amazing aesthetic values of all graphic materials used. She also indulges in art in his free time, and her favorite subject is creativity. He dreams of creating an atlas of animals with his own illustrations. He tries to maintain harmony between movement and sedentary work, which is why he devotes a few hours every day to hula hoop training.